1How long is the course?

Details of each scheduled course length can be found on our qualifications page, however, at Millwood we are flexible in our delivery time and can lengthen or shorten most of the programme times, within qualification guided learning hours.

2What is ‘Blended Learning’?

Blended Learning is a term used to describe the way you will learn with Millwood, a combination of e-learning, face to face and online tutor support and unit lectures, giving you the flexibility to learn around your current commitments, while still offering a quality learning experience.

3What do I do if I am struggling with the work?

Get in touch! We love to hear from our learners, and we are more than happy to help. There are lots of ways we can help, from alternative revision methods to suit your learning style to tutor led gym sessions- just ask!

4Is there job opportunities at the end of the course?

We have connections with many gyms across Liverpool, and if you want, we will arrange job interviews upon completion of your programme. Contact the office for further information.

5What do I do if I am unhappy with an assessment decision?

If learners are dissatisfied with an assessment outcome, they have the right of appeal. There are three stages in the appeals procedure and each stage must be exhausted before proceeding to the next one. Please contact your tutor in the first instance, and if you need another copy of the full appeals proceedure, please contact the office.

6Can I use my qualification abroad?

Active IQ qualifications are on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) which is jointly regulated by England’s regulator Ofqual, Wales’ DCELLS and Northern Ireland’s CCEA, so Active IQ qualifications are recognised in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Scotland has its own framework, the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF). Although they are not on the SCQF Active IQ qualifications are widely respected by learners, training organisations and employers in Scotland.

In Europe, the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) acts as a translation device to make national qualifications more readable across Europe. The comparison chart on ec.europa.eu/ploteus/#comparison shows how, by QCF level, Active IQ qualifications are recognised in Europe. Although there is currently no international mechanism to compare QCF qualifications in this way, UK qualifications are well-regarded all over the world.

7I have a learning difficulty or disability, what support will I get?

Millwood are commited to helping people from all abilities and backgrounds to achieve their goals, and will always strive to support you in any way you need. Please give us a call to discuss this one to one with one of our team.

8I have a full time job, can I do the course?

Yes.  Our flexible blended learning approach allows you to learn at times that are convenient to you. The courses do take a lot of commitment, but you can choose to study mornings, evenings, weekends…whenever fits into your schedule.

9Can I resit an exam or assessment? How many times?

Yes, you can resit assesments and exams, and unlike some other providers, we do not charge for resits. Following any assessment or exam, you will receive feedback to help you focus your study on the areas you need it and also book in additional support time with your tutor.

10What support will I get on my course?

When you join a Millwood programme, you will receive a combination of e-learning and/or manuals depending on the programme. We deliver our courses in a blended learning style, which is a term used to describe a combination of e-learning, face to face and online tutor support and unit lectures.  Your tutor will send you regular emails with details of the work required for the upcoming week, and is always available for support when needed.

11Are the qualifications REPs recognised?

Yes, successful achievement of certain Active IQ qualifications allows access to the Register of Exercise Professionals in the various categories.

For information and guidance on how many REPs CPD points are allocated to Active IQ qualifications, please go to exerciseregister.org

12Who is the awarding body?

The awarding body for all of Millwood’s qualifications is Active IQ. Find out more about them at activeIQ.co.uk.

13What financial support is available?

We have various options available, such as 0% interest payment plans and finance. Call us today on 0800 124 4106 to discuss with our team.

14Can I get an NUS card?

Yes. Go to NUS.org.uk, click on ‘buy your NUS extra card now’ and register, using Millwood Training as your place of study. The card will cost you £12 for 12 months, and gets you over 170 discounts, a free app for discounts on the move and exclusive competitions.

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