Why should you take up Strength and Conditioning?


Is Strength and Conditioning for you?

When it comes to training programmes that bring benefits for all, strength and conditioning is out there at the front leading the pack.

Why? Well, to put it simply – strength and conditioning is for everyone as it’s great for everyone!

Of course, strength and conditioning training has long been associated with sport. It’s true that, regardless of the sport, strength and conditioning has a significant part to the play in training regimes – whether it’s swimming, football, boxing and countless other sports – S & C training is important for them all.

But, you don’t have to be seriously into sports or an elite athlete to get a lot out of strength and conditioning. If lean muscle, increased strength and sky high fitness levels sound good to you, strength and conditioning is most definitely for you.

And it really is for everyone too. There is stacks of research out there hailing the benefits of strength and conditioning for the young – from kids to adolescents and teenagers.

And yes… Ladies, strength and conditioning is also for you too! There’s a common misconception among women that lifting weights is going to make you seriously bulk out and big. This is not the case – lifting to lose is the order of the day at Pioneer Fitness!

What can strength and conditioning do for you?

Weight training improves your muscular strength and the cardio element of the training means your fitness levels get a real boost too. Let’s look at these benefits in a bit more detail…

S & C for sport

As we’ve already said, if you are training with a particular sport in mind, strength and conditioning is a must. Whatever the sport, most athletes need power, endurance and strength or a combination of all three. S & C is good for all of these and strength training lays the foundations allowing you to develop even more power in the future.

S & C for life

Lean muscle mass helps you control your metabolism. As you get older, you naturally begin to lose this lean muscle mass and strength. This slows down metabolism and increases body fat. Strength and conditioning reverses this natural decline.

S & C for body fat reduction

Strength and conditioning increases calorie burn after exercise. After a S & C workout, your body just carries on burning those calories!

S & C for lots of other benefits too…

With strength and conditioning, the list of benefits really does go on and on. It increases your ability to produce power and your speed – those two are pretty obvious; but did you know that strength and conditioning enhances bone mineral density? This reduces the risk of conditions such as osteoporosis in later life.

S & C also reduces the risk of general injury, it improves postures and gives the joints of the body extra support.
Your general health and fitness will improve, as will your physical appearance. And, as well as feeling more mobile and flexible, strength and conditioning is great for lifting your mood and confidence.

The general benefits of feeling more energised, reaching and exceeding goals you never thought possible and having fun with like-minded people should never be underestimated. For a real feel-good factor, strength and conditioning is a winner.

About the Author:

Daniel Palmer is an award-winning Personal Trainer and Co-Owner of Pioneer Fitness, voted Best Independent Gym Liverpool 2015 and 2016. To find out more, visit www.pioneerfitness.co.uk.